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Psychedelia and world beats, dance, punk mainstream, rare and collectable - all new or secondhand. If you're looking for vinyl
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specialist vinyl

Collectable Vinyl - The DoorsRare vinyl and collectables

If you are looking for rare and/or collectable vinyl and CD's then you really should check out EIL.com - They are the acknowledged world experts in rare, collectable CDs, vinyl records, music DVDs, limited editions, imports and music memorabilia from the around the world. (Pictured is a rare 1971 Mexican-only 35-track Elektra/Gamma green label vinyl 3-LP box set, for sale for £75 - a dream come true for drooling Doors collectors everywhere.

Check out EIL.com

record fair





The Electric Ballroom holds a record fair once a month where enthusiasts can buy and sell rare vinyl and CDs.

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  Everything you would expect from Virgin - acres of CD's, DVD's etc. Almost opposite Camden Town tube station on Camden High Street.   Sells secondhand records, CDs and tapes. A great place to browse for that elusive blast from the past. 10 Inverness Street, London, NW1.Tel: 020 7267 5989




All Ages Records

All Ages Records is a specialist independent record shop which stocks punk, hardcore, skacore, crust, alternative metal, emo, pop punk, indie and everything in between. They stock CDs, vinyl, T-shirts, zines, books, badges and other related punk rock gear and also have a huge pinboard and flyer space for people to leave their posters, gig flyers, newsletters and notes looking for band members, for other people to pick up. All Ages Records also currently operates a mail order service – details and a list of available titles can be found on their website. open every day from 11am to 7pm - including public holidays. All Ages Records: 27a Pratt Street, Camden, London, NW1 0BG t : 020 7267 0303. www.allagesrecords.com.


Vinyl Addiction

Vinyl Addiction is the record shop side of Bar Vinyl - the first DJ bar of its kind and still the only combined bar, cafe and record store concept in the world. You'll only find dance vinyl here - no cds at all. By night it is a very popular destination for late twenty-somethings with music supplied by some of London’s funkiest labels and DJ’s. What makes Bar Vinyl so special is the intimate vibe you get from the staff, you can’t help but feel you are somewhere special. Their reputation for food is alos excellent. Luminaries such as Neneh Cherry, XZoe Ball, Boy George Norman Cook, David Morales, Howie B and Marc Almond have all graced the portals of the bar. Open daily 11.00 am to 11.00pm. Bar Vinyl, 6 Inverness Street, NW1.Tel: 020 7681 7898.

specialist vinyl

Bugbear Discs

Bugbear Promotions, promoters of the famous Dublin Castle in Camden for over 10 years, have opened a record store - Bugbear Discs - next door to The Dublin Castle. They are providing a unique selection of new specialist vinyl recordings: rock, punk, indie, hip hop, leftfield, exotica and the best in 60s, 70s, rock, soul & funk re-issues. Bugbear also plan to host record signing sessions with bands and occasional live performances. A selection of CDs and DVDs will also be available and other merchandise will include musicians' accessories, t-shirts and books. Bugbear Discs, 96 Parkway, London NW1 7AN- Open: 12.00-8.00pm monday, wednesday, thursday. 12.00-10.00pm friday, saturday, Sunday

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breakbeat, electro and more

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More music and vinyl shops in Camden coming soon

  Know How Records

Know How Records specialise in breakbeat, house techno, drum & bass and electro offering a surpirsingly wide selection of choice and quality. Their customers include:The Stanton Warriors, The Freestylers, Sancho Panza DJs, The Plump DJs, Dreadzone, Peace Division, JDS, Billy Nasty, Erol Alkan, Tayo, Trisco and Dub Pistols. Know How`s music buyer Martin helped start Camden's Vinyl Addiction Records and played a big part in the rise of the breakbeat sound by suppling break beat/house to all the Finger Lickin DJ`s as well as an array of well known house/breakbeat DJs. Know How Records: 3 Buck Street, Camden, London NW1 8NJ. Tel: 020 7267 1526.

UV Clubwear

the best in UV, alternative and cyber clubwear from Spank, Camden

Spiky Rubber

Spiky rubber jewellery from the Electric Ballroom

Barfly Legends

The top bands who started out at Camden's Barfly