stables market

Stables Market is the biggest market in Camden - great for clothing - cyber, gothic and vintage to name a few - music and antiques

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stables market

The biggest market

Stables Market is the largest and most colourful of the markets. A converted Victorian horse hospital, it provides a seemingly endless maze of cobbled alleyways, converted warehouses and covered outdoor eating areas. Everything from cyberpunk to vintage clothing, esoteric record stores and unusual furniture.

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Most of the shops and a fair number of stalls are open throughout the week - but the market really comes alive at the weekend with a huge number of stalls selling everything from secondhand clothing and cds to food and antiques.   Stables has a huge selection of antiques tucked away at the back of the market - where TV presenter Chris Evans has his celebrated stall. Some outlets are open during the week but for the best selection go on the weekend.  

There are a lot of inexpensive food booths here - offering Chinese, Indian and other cuisine for jest a few pounds - buy at the booth and take your meal to a nearby table to eat. There is also a large licensed restaurant in the middle of the market.

psychedelic music


keeping fit

The Dream Temple

The Psychedelic Dream Temple is London’s most inspiring underground record store, specialising in World Beats, healing, relaxation, meditation, ambient, loungecore, funky and seriously mind-altering electronic music. It also has its own mind, body and spirit bookshop - offering a wide range of tuned-in titles at probably the most affordable prices in London. Their latest venture is an organic coffee and juice bar which serves a delicious selection of herbal infusions, teas, juices, smoothies and great coffee. There is also a fine menu of tasty, good for you snacks. Open seven days a week from 11am to 6.30pm. Tel: 7267 8528



Everything about Stables Market is unique - even the gym. Karmaa is a ground-breaking East meets West health and lifestyle centre offering four main elements: A martial arts studio providing tai-chi, ju-jitsu and a unique form of kick boxing called Zen-do , a holistic studio for pilates and yoga to name a few, a traditional gym and treatment studios where highly trained professionals offer reflexology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, massages, reiki, acupuncture and shiatsu and many more, as well as aromatherapy steam rooms. This unique luxury facility, in a stunningly beautiful listed building is the brainchild of Rafael Nieto, who has taught his own brand of kick-boxing in the capital for over twenty years and has built up a loyal following including a range of celebrities. Tel: 020 7485 7474

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new development

The Stables is changing

Stables Market is changing as you read this. A new development on the site promises a shopping complex offering restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and other entertainment. It is already half built and, when finished, will provide something of a futuristic landmark with its unmistakable modern glass architecture.






One of the most avant garde hairdressers in London specialising in cyber styles. including hair extentsions made from everything from fibre optics to bubble wrap and pipe cleaners.

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A fetish clothing shop but aimed more towards fetish club wear rather than hardcore pervery. A fantastic selection of latex clothing from owner/designer Dolenta and several other top names.


Sixties shop Velvet Illusion revels in everything from London's Swinging Sixties period. Early psychedelia, mini skirts, Sixties music - Its got to be Austin Powers' favourite shop.

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