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Spank Camden is home to one of the
most alternative, cyber clubwear
and UV clothing outlets
on the planet

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Camden girl speaks
with forked tongue

The best of the "bod
mods" - extremes
of body modification revealed

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uv clubwear


alternative fashion

glow in the dark

Spank provides UV clubwear like you've never seen it before.


red and black jumperdifferent strokes

Take a look at some of the alternative fashion styles from cutting edge underground designer Debbie Spank.

alternative fashion for men

pinstripe Egypt skirtAlernative men's clothing

There ar many items for men available from Spank founder and designer Debbie Spank. Alternative tail coats, pvc maxi coats, skirts for men and a large choice of uv clubwear.

UV clubwear pants
Hot pants that glow in the dark! An exclusive range of UV hotpants
Cyber Halter Top

Cyber halter top
White halter top with sensational pink UV piping
PCV 2 zip mini skirt

Two zip mini
PVC two zip mini skirt from the alternative range
Men's fleece hoody

Men's fleece hoody
This fleece hoody is just one of many Spank items for men