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There are literally dozens of shoe shops in Camden - varying from the extemely original to those selling tat for tourists - here's a selection of the best

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Converse All StarsConverse All Stars

Originally designed in 1921(!), The Converse All-Star is the most successful shoe in history and nowhere more so than in Camden. Over 750 million pairs have been sold worldwide. They have always been influential in pop-culture; Converse All-Stars have been popular for decades in the punk and indie rock scenes, and Hollywood has popularized Converse in countless motion pictures.

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underground shoes

British Boot Company

This shop first came to prominence in the 1960’s. Trading as Holts – it gained cult status as the first shop anywhere to sell Doc Martins boots and shoes. And soon became a favoured haunt of many top bands including the punk bands of the Seventies, bands like Madness to many of today’s leading stars. In the last forty years, competitors have come and gone while this unassuming shop, tucked behind Camden Tube Station, lives on. Their stock is huge and includes the full Airwair range, as well as other leading British brands like Grinders, NPS and Tredair. Well worth a visit. British Boot Company: 5 Kentish Town Road, Camden, London, NW5 8NH. Tel: 020 7485 8505.


Darkside of Camden

Darkside is the only retail stockist of Underground shoes and that makes it worth a visit in itself. The Underground brand has been a favourite with bands through the pop-punk-rock eras and will probably never go out of fashion. Everything from huge motorcycle-style cyberboots with lots of buckles and straps, to a vast collection of winkle pickers and brothel creepers. There are dozens of shoe shops in Camden - but this one towers above most of the rest. Darkside, 245 Camden High Street, NW1. Tel: 020 7284 2174.Opening times: Monday - Friday 10.00-6.30. Saturday/Sunday 9.30-7.00.

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Transmuters are designed by Terry De Havilland, shoe maker to the stars, including celebrities like Marilyn Manson, Gene Simmons of KISS, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie. Transmuters insist their footwear is alive. They keep the screw-on accessories refrigerated in the shop (like donor organs), sell cat food in case they need feeding and customers take their purchases away in Tramsmuters cardboard pet boxes complete with air holes and the warning: “Do not feed after midnight". Transmuters, Stables Market, Camden.

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