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Camden offers the very best in Fifties' retro - from Fifties' t-shirts and tops to halterneck dresses and Fifties' clothes for both men and women. But if you can't make it to the markets, why not buy online...

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Fifties' Fashion

50's party dress

Halterneck party dress

This 50's halterneck style red/black party dress features an intricate skulls, roses, stars and bows design and is available in a red/black velveteen flock print fabric of cotton / mixed fibre. £45


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Pink Elvis t-shirt


50's party dress

Long Live The King

Elvis t-shirt

Fans of the undisputed king of rock'n'roll are sure to love this t-shirt. In hot pink, it features a distressed print of a plectrum style print along with the slogan 'Elvis Presley, Long Live The King.' 35

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50's Halterneck Cherry Red Party Dress

50's cherry dress

Classic 50's halterneck-style party/cocktail dress features a distressed red cherry printed fabric in cotton and mixed fibre. Price £40


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Johnny Depp t-shirt

As seen on Amy Winehouse

Inspired by the cult movie Cry Baby, this tatoo-esque design features a print of the gorgeous Johnny Depp as Wade Walker. As seen on Amy Winehouse. £23.99


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50's lingerie


Retro 50's Elvis t-shirt

Fifties lingerie

1950's lingerie

These frilly Fifties hipster knickers are guaranteed to flatter the bum and are sexy & stylish at the same time. As worn by...J Lo, Kelly Brook, Kelly Osborne etc... 12

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Retro 50's 'Elvis is my homeboy' t-shirt

elvis t-shirt

Get ready to share your love for 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' with this ultra cool ladies Elvis tee featuring a distressed print of the legend himself along with the slogan 'Elvis is my Homeboy . Price £24.99

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Vulture t-shirt

'Ugly Vulture'
men's tattoo

Pressed 'Ugly Vulture' Tattoo Artwork - Plus 'Godfather of tattoos' Ed Hardy logo. Featuring highest quality rhinestones £65

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